October 3, 2010


And we're back! A lot has happened in the past four weeks! The basement carpet has been installed. A whirlwind trip to Wisconsin for a fun-packed weekend with friends and family. The baby's room is finally painted (three painful coats later). And we sold the futon (probably the biggest news of all)! Oh the sacrifices parents make. We really loved that futon...in our lifetime it has served as our couch, our guest bed, Thad's recovery bed after his ACL surgery, the cat's hangout, a place to pile crap on, etc. But, we need to make room for the little lady's arrival...which means some things have got to go. But I digress...

For those of you on pins and needles about the status of our basement...fret no more! The carpet has been installed! We are thoroughly enjoying the smell (or lack thereof) of the new and improved manland! And I am enjoying that all of the basement furniture has been moved out of the garage and back where it belongs.

The trip back to Wisconsin was fabulous and full! I (Kate) celebrated with several classmates at my 15 year class reunion on Saturday and then celebrated even more with friends and family at my baby shower on Sunday. The baby shower was to die for! Hosted by the Helgerson aunties (Mary, Maureen, and Patti), it was held at The Roth House in Soldiers Grove...a spectacular bed and breakfast that you MUST check out if you're ever in the area. Below is a photo of the Roth House and a photo of Uncle Tom's gift to Baby Girl Helgerahn (Thad was thrilled):

I finally found the motivation to paint the baby's room! I was partially unmotivated because of the large futon taking up valuable space and making it impossible to move a ladder around...but once the futon was sold, I was still unmotivated. I wasn't inspired until after the baby shower in Wisconsin. Having received an unnecessarily large amount of sweet baby gear from my beyond-generous family and friends, it was clear to me that there would need to be a place to put all of the gear once it made it's way to Colorado. So, I picked up the brush and the roller and got to work.

Here's a funny story about lime green paint...it's impossible (and yes, I used primer). One coat...not a chance. Two coats (fingers crossed)...fail. Go back to Home Depot and buy another gallon of lime green paint. Three coats...well, it's much better than two coats and the chances of me climbing up and down the ladder for a fourth coat were out of the question. So three coats it is! And to make it even more sassy...we decided to paint the closet hot pink! Just in time for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Check out Baby Girl's sweet digs:

We still have some work to do...but the foundation has been established.

And finally, the belly shot. I didn't take special belly shots this week because I've been covered in paint. Below is a very special photo of my friend Angie and I at our class reunion. We have been friends for an eternity (which translates to approximately 28 years). She is also pregnant...due on December 3rd. By the looks of this photo, I must be secretly due in early November...or Thad and I are having twins but the doctor hasn't realized it yet. Pregnancy sure is tricky!!