June 19, 2010

It's Official!

On May 12, 2010, we saw the first image of Baby Helgerahn. The nurse practitioner assured us that the blob in the photo above is, in fact, a baby. Being the non-medical folks that we are, we took her word for it.

On June 18th the reality of Baby Helgerahn became even more apparent with the sound of a very strong and very healthy heartbeat...to which I responded, "Yay Baby!". The OB/GYN naturally thought I was hilarious. Apparently the wee-one is a mover and a shaker, because the doc had to chase around the heartbeat with her magical doppler instrument. We better start getting into shape because it looks like we'll be chasing this one around from day one.

We're looking forward to August 13th when all of our most pressing questions will be answered. Is it a boy? Or is it a girl? Feel free to make your bets!