November 2, 2010

32 Weeks? No Problem!

Seriously...I could keep this up for another 32 weeks. The lower back pain...the swollen ankles...the constant need to pee...the heartburn (I LOVE TUMS)...the obnoxious weight's pure joy day after day! But in all honesty, this pregnancy has been a breeze compared to the nightmares I hear about from other women. I have yet to barf; my blood pressure has remained stable; the babe appears healthy and active; and that crazy low-lying placenta has migrated 3 centimeters away from the cervix and has found a much safer spot to rest in my uterus (how do you like that triple icky word whammy...placenta-cervix-uterus...BAM!).

On Friday, we had a 32 week ultrasound. While the radiologist was waving her magic wand, we asked to see Baby Girl's face. Since the ultrasound was not intended for anything other than checking the position of the placenta (see above paragraph for the results), we were warned that the image might not be entirely clear. Truer words have never been spoken. Below is a photo of our little lady:

No one could really tell what they were looking at when we showed them the ultrasound photo (including us at first) to make things easier, I utilized my spectacular photoshop skills to indicate where the eyes, nose, and mouth are:

Below are the 32 week belly shots. The first photo is hilarious! I believe Thad's response was, "Is that a missile in your belly?". Having a short torso is a blast! There's only one direction for the ever-growing baby to go, and that's out! Steer clear if you see me walking towards belly doubles as a weapon!

Halloween weekend was amazing! Grandma T and Grandpa Aaron drove out from Wisconsin for a quick visit. They packed up the car with all of the gifts from the September Wisco baby shower and hit the road. As some of you might know, the drive from Soldiers Grove to Denver is breathtaking. What's more beautiful than Nebraska via I-80? They were real troopers to make that drive twice in 4 days.

On Saturday, my cousin Megan hosted a baby shower for me at the City Park Golf Course. It was a wonderful gathering of my Denver friends and family...and there were cupcakes (Thanks Lizzie)! Below is a photo of me with three of my old co-workers from Community Reach Center - Lenora, Heather, and Shelly. I miss that job and all of the fabulous people I worked with!

And here are the fabulously delicious cupcakes...the majority of which were eaten by me (because I was forced at gunpoint to take them home after the shower):

Grandma T and I were able to arrange and organize Baby Girl Helgerahn's room over the weekend. This included washing, drying, folding, and putting away approximately 4 tons of baby clothes. The amount of clothes this child has already is overwhelming. Fortunately, I work next door to a women and children's homeless once the little lady outgrows her most adorable attire, we will happily donate them to the future little ladies at the Father Ed Judy House.

So now we find ourselves with only 8 weeks to go. A close approaching due date is stressful in general...when that due date is Christmas Day, the stress doubles. Not only are we reminded constantly that Baby Girl Helgerahn will be here soon, but we are reminded constantly that Christmas will be here soon as well (54 days away...oy ve!). Maybe she'll be a Hanukkah baby instead?

Hey Baby Girl Helgerahn, are you ready to meet your parents? Don't be'll get used to us!