July 14, 2010

There's a Baby in There!

Okay, so here it is. The 16 week pregnant belly! Unfortunately, for the untrained eye, I look more like I'm letting myself go than I look pregnant...but all my lady friends assure me that I will look pregnant enough in good time. The big news around here is that NONE of my pants fit me anymore. Not one pair. The local Goodwill employees and I are on a first name basis these days!

In other news, the exciting basement carpet plans have been pushed back by a month due to some unforeseen subfloor issues. Boo! Good things come to those who wait...or so I've been told. Patience has never been one of my strong suits!

July 3, 2010

The Newest Addition!

Since we're still in the early stages of Baby Helgerahn, there really isn't much to share. I thought about posting a belly photo, but I'm not ready to take that leap just yet. Soon...I promise.

Instead, I would like to take this time to thank Baby Helgerahn for the new carpet we are installing in the basement! It has been two long years of bravely enduring the "smelly basement" (that's what I call it...clever, right?). There is only so much Carpet Fresh, Febreze, and Glade Plug-Ins a basement can endure. We were delighted to see that underneath the stink carpet is the shabby-chic red and white tile that adorns our laundry area. The retro look will help get me through the end of the month while we wait for the big installation day.

New carpet in the basement opens up a whole new world for me. Look out Thad..."Man Land" might slowly turn into "Lady Land". Now where did I put those pink pillows?

P.S. We won't turn down any valid offers of help for furniture moving or carpet removal. Call for more details. =^..^=