December 1, 2010

Uff Da!

So, today when I told my OB Nurse Practitioner that I wished pregnancy only lasted 8 months instead of 9, she explained that technically, pregnancy lasts 10 months. Don't I know it! I feel like I've been pregnant for 7 years. The last month is by far the worst...I don't care who you are. And to all of those women who talk about how fabulous pregnancy was and how it was the best they ever felt...I think you are all a bunch of dirty liars (Grandma T!). My back hurts, my feet are swollen beyond recognition (thank goodness for a mild Denver winter which allows me to keep wearing my flip flops), and now I have carpal tunnel in both hands. Carpal tunnel is all fun and games until you unwittingly drop your hairdryer on your foot because you can't gauge how tight you're grasping it. I know I know...the real pain has yet to begin and once it's over I'll forget all about it. We'll see about that!

The 36 week appointment was a success! The quick ultrasound confirmed what I already knew: Baby Girl Helgerahn's head is banging relentlessly on my pelvis. She is head first and ready to go. I got a quick peek at her heart and saw four little chambers beating like crazy. The NP said baby girl looks "perfect" (Thad already knocked on wood after hearing that...but if you feel the need to knock on wood as well...please do so!). Check out the little lady's fingernails...she's going to need a mani as soon as she is born:

Based on all of the measurements and lack of contractions, we're on schedule for a late December birth. That isn't going to stop us from wishing and hoping for an earlier delivery. Thad is already scoping out the speed bumps in the neighborhood for us to drive over and I'm looking for good deals on castor oil and hot sauce. It's all good...we're considered "full term" on December 4th!

I had my final baby shower at work on November 30th. It was fantastic! Baked Potato bar and chili potluck...YUM! My co-workers were far too generous. The baby's room is pretty well stocked at this point. Just need a few odds and ends...but if she was born today, we would be A-OK (hint hint little one)! I wanted to share photos of the nursery, but it's a little chaotic right now. We're waiting on the crib delivery, I have yet to finish up the decor, and I need to do some last minute laundry (see below):

I had washed, folded, and put away all of the little girl's towels and washcloths not realizing that I had created the perfect kitty-cave. Oh Dieter Kitty...we're going to have to keep a close eye on you!!

We've got some big, exciting changes on the horizon! Thanks to Thad's work bonus...we are going to upgrade the electric in our house! When we bought this house, we knew it did not meet the electric code. We were not concerned because the defect allowed us to negotiate a lower sale price and Thad's brother is an we knew we would be able to upgrade the electric eventually. I don't know all of specifics about how much electrical power we need versus how much we actually have; but what I do know is that we can't run the clothes dryer and the microwave at the same time...we can't run the bathroom fan, the iron, and my hair dryer at the same time...we can't vacuum and use the oven at the same time...etc. December 13th is the big day! In true family camaraderie, Thad's brother is going to do the upgrade for cost (with Thad working as the labor). I'm over the moon with joy! I will be able to run a space heater when needed...we are going to inherit a deep freeze from some friends to put in the garage...and best of all...there is talk of an automatic garage door opener in my future!!! Could this be the best Christmas ever?? It definitely has potential!

And the moment you've all been waiting 36 week belly shot. I'm not what you would call a "smiler", but rest assured, I am not unhappy...just very very enormous and very very uncomfortable:

And finally, here is a message I sent to Baby Girl Helgerahn during a moment of procrastination:

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Now bring on Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa!!


  1. Glad your visit went well. You look fabulous and ready. Anxiously awaiting your big day. Love you all.
    Grandma t

  2. You're so close, Kate! And I totally sucked at being pregnant. People just forget how uncomfortable they get and get all nostalgic about those little kicks. Okay, I do miss those little kicks. A little.
    Those little fingers are killing me!!
    Living vicariously through you because Jeff won't let me have another,
    Sarah :)

  3. WOW--You do look ready to have a baby!!! Can't wait to see the "final" nursery pictures! Aunt Maureen

  4. look so ready to have your baby girl! I'm predicting December 14 (Joe's birthday) for baby Helgerahn to get here. We are all so excited for the great news!

  5. I am very excited to hear of baby's safe arrival soon. I can't think of a better christmas present. Love aunt Gloria

  6. Looking forward to seeing Baby or Baby Bump soon.
    grandma t