October 6, 2012

And....We're Back!

Did I, or did I not, make a promise in the 2011 Love Celebration letter that this blog would be updated on a more frequent basis? Let me answer that for you...I did. Therefore, I am a big fat liar. Who knew raising a child while working full-time would be so challenging and time consuming...other than every mom in the entire universe?

BIG GIRL - Baby E is 21 months old. So I guess that would make her Toddler E, but I'm not on board with that nickname. It doesn't flow. We also call her E, Liza, EEEELiza, Ellliza, Baby Girl, Monkey, Miss E (or Missy), Lil E, etc. Mostly we call her everything except for her actual name, which might explain why she cannot tell us what her name is when asked. She can, however, tell us the names of her classmates without prompting; most recently we hear the name "Auby" (Aubrey) and "U-Waya" (Uriah)repeated over and over and over (and over).

GIRL TALK - Other than the names of two classmates I had no idea she was chummy with, Liza has opened up a can of Baby Talk all over the place. "Schorry" (sorry), book, bike, rock, ride, "Beebee" (baby), dog, shutup dog (ooops), shhhh dog, meow (her name for all of the cats), NO (her favorite), cuppy, shoes, uh-oh, and the list goes on. For real, at least two new words a day. It's all starting!

WORLD TRAVELER - We (mama and E) have recently returned from our 6th cross country trip. Thad and I took our first flights in our teens, and even then, it was like once for a very special occasion. E, on the other hand, has been on 22 airplanes (way too many connection flights) before she was 2. This last trip was, by far, the most difficult and painful. There are only so many hours in a day that a toddler can exercise patience. The flight from Denver to Minneapolis (1 hour and 45 minutes) is all she can manage (and that's a stretch). Needless to say, the 4 hour delay we experienced last week was unpleasant. I won't bore you with the technical details, but there were tears. Lots of tears. And mostly they were my tears. And I might start crying again while I reminisce, so I will stop. (But let me also tell you that there was poop, and it was gross...and it was Eliza, not me). I do not like the idea of buying a plane ticket for her in February, because honestly, she is tiny and I could fit three of her in that seat, but I will do it because that is the law. Good Lord, how do people have more than one child? And how am I not a raging alcoholic by now?

Let me leave you with an empty promise that I will update this blog. It's possible that I am speaking to no one, and that's okay, it's still therapeutic and for the love of all that is holy, it's milestone information for when I actually unwrap E's baby book and start filling in the details. (First word? If she's my child, it was probably something obscene).

And let me also leave you with this pseudo-senior-picture, taken in Gays Mills during Applefest last week:
She is a doll.


  1. I'm reading! I should be doing 5 million other things, but reading about E is way better! She IS a doll! So are you. I"m glad you survived. Were you really stuck for 4 hours in minneapolis?? We could have come rescued you! I didn't realize you were in the cities during that crazy layover.

    1. The delay was in Denver. We were in the air for 20 minutes and had to turn around because of mechanical issues. I waited and waited and waited and tried to rebook, and was about to cancel my whole trip but they fixed the plane 4 hours later. Oy! =^..^=

  2. Kate--you are a very funny writer--just like your Grandma Nita was at one time. Someday Patti and I will publish some of her letters. I love hearing about darling Eliza! Aunt Maureen