December 19, 2012

Season's Greetings!

Happy Holidays Friends and Family! So it's December 19th and I think we might actually be getting some snow in Denver! Don't get me wrong, I have rather enjoyed wearing my Fall coat and not stuffing Eliza into a giant snow suit everyday, but snow for the holidays seems almost necessary. The Helgerahn's are staying in Colorado for Christmas. We will be celebrating with Thad's mom in her beautiful mountain home in Estes Park. Snow, fireplace, cats and dogs and horses a plenty, and family! And elk...lots and lots of elk.

Below is Eliza's annual school photo. It was taken just days before she rearranged the alignment of her front tooth (for more gory details, refer to the Love Celebration Letter ... link at the end of this post). I think you will agree that she is a doll whether or not her teeth are in the right place:
Little Lady Liza will be 2 years old in just two weeks. How cliche for me to ask, but where has the time gone? Two months ago we could understand a handful of words...and then someone flipped a switch and she speaks in full sentences. She knows colors, can sing the alphabet song (mostly), her favorite number is 6, her memory is ridiculous, she knows the names of her pets, the names of her friends and teachers at daycare, she knows that Santa says "Ha Ha Ho" (close enough), and so on. Surely these are all typical developmental milestones, but we think she is a genius! If only the YMCA had a gifted young toddler program (joking).

I leave you with glad tidings and good cheer. May your holidays be joyful and may the New Year bring you prosperity where you need it most. And as Thad says in the Love Celebration Letter, you have friends in Denver!
To read Thad's annual Love Celebration Letter, click below:
The 2012 Love Celebration Letter

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